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What’s inside Paris Hilton? Famed celeb is discovering out as ambassador for microbiome startup Viome

Paris Hilton with a Viome kit. (Viome Photo)

Celebrity, model and socialite Paris Hilton has joined Viome Life Sciences as an investor and ambassador, the Bellevue, Wash.-based wellness and diagnostics company announced Wednesday.

With its at-home test kit, Viome determines the microbial composition of stool samples and recommends “precision” supplements and probiotics based on an individual’s readout.

Viome’s Health Intelligence Kit is “revolutionary,” said Hilton in a press release. The company enables her to “live healthy, stay looking youthful, and have amazing skin.”

Despite Hilton’s enthusiasm, some outside scientists are skeptical. Researchers do not yet know enough to make broad recommendations for individuals based on their microbiome, Seattle Children’s Hospital gastroenterologist David Suskind previously told GeekWire.

“No other supplements out there are this personalized,” said Hilton in a video posted on her Twitter feed. “Viome eliminates all the annoying bottles.”

The new announcement comes on the heels a recent $54 million funding round for Viome and a new partnership with Nordstrom to sell its kits in stores.

Hilton has written a book, “Confessions of an Heiress” and stars in a new 13-episode reality TV series about her wedding planning, “Paris in Love.” Viome is now offering its kits for $174 to “Paris’ friends.”

“I love Viome,” said Hilton in the press release.

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