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Smartphone system developed by Univ. of Washington researchers detects blood clotting

Detecting blood clots with a wise telephone: the way it works. (UW Video)

A cellular phone hooked up to a tiny plastic cup can detect how briskly blood clots and has the potential to supplant the necessity for normal scientific testing of hundreds of thousands of individuals on blood thinners, in response to researchers on the College of Washington.

The researchers put a pinprick of blood in a tiny cup together with a small copper particle. The telephone’s vibration shakes the cup, and its digital camera detects when the particle’s motion stops, indicating formation of a blood clot. The method is showcased in a brand new research Friday led by UW professor of laptop science and engineering Shyamnath Gollakota.

Gollakota and his colleagues will subsequent check the $35 blood clotting system with sufferers of their residence and are exploring commercialization. Gollakota additionally co-founded Wavely Diagnostics to detect ear an infection with an app and Sound Life Sciences, to observe respiratory.  

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