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Introducing GeekWire’s new Well being Tech podcast, exploring the frontiers of digital well being

We’re excited to debut a new GeekWire podcast today, exploring one of the most promising, challenging and transformative areas of technology: digital health.

Season 1, Ep. 1: This innovator is turning smartphones into the ultimate medical device

GeekWire’s new Health Tech podcast tells the stories of technology innovators and scientists pushing boundaries with new approaches and fresh ideas in digital health and wellness. After more six years of podcasting our weekly news roundups and interviews, we’re having fun with this expansion into narrative podcasting.

You’ll hear the stories of these innovators unfold over the course of each 20-30 minute episode, produced and co-hosted by GeekWire reporter Clare McGrane.

This editorial project is made possible through the sponsorship of Providence St. Joseph Health’s Digital & Innovation Team. In conjunction with podcast, we’ll be hosting three live events at Providence venues over the course of the first nine-month season. Stay tuned for details on those events in the weeks ahead.

Check out Episode 1 here or listen below. This first installment features Shwetak Patel, the serial startup founder, MacArthur Genius and University of Washington professor who is turning everyday smartphones into powerful diagnostic devices.

Each episode concludes with a segment we call “The Fix,” in which we ask each featured innovator to describe a challenge they’ve encountered or identified in health, healthcare or wellness — not related to their main project — and explain how they’d fix the system or use technology to address the challenge.

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Here’s a quick introduction and preview of our first three episodes. Please let us know what you think, and don’t forget to review and rate the show on iTunes or Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening to Health Tech!

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