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Gregory Davis turns into Eviation’s interim CEO with electrical plane’s first flight developing

Past and present Eviation executives
Gregory Davis, at right, is taking on the CEO role at Eviation on an interim basis, as part of a transition that’s also been marked by the departure of executive chairman Roei Ganzarski (left) and outgoing CEO and co-founder Omer Bar-Yohay (center). (Eviation Photo).

Arlington, Wash.-based Eviation says Gregory Davis is assuming the role of interim CEO as part of a planned succession process that reflects the company’s transition to the production phase of its all-electric Alice aircraft.

Davis, who has been serving as Eviation’s president, will take the CEO baton from co-founder Omer Bar-Yohay. Just last month, Roei Ganzarski left the company with Dominique Spragg taking his place as chairman.

Eviation is moving forward toward certification and production readiness for three variants of the Alice airplane, optimized for cargo shipment, commuter passenger service and executive business travel. The aircraft already has undergone months of on-the-ground testing in Arlington.

“Eviation expects to make the first flight of Alice in the upcoming weeks, having completed many preliminary milestones including initial taxi and flight test preparations,” Spragg said today in a news release. “As we complete the technical demonstration phase, Eviation is now preparing for production to make affordable regional air travel a reality in the coming years.”

Prior to joining Eviation last year, Davis served in aerospace management roles at Viking Air Ltd. in Canada and at Marshall Aerospace in Britain.

Looking beyond the interim, Eviation says it has retained an executive search agency to identify candidates to power the company into its next phase. “We wish to express our appreciation to Omer for his contributions as a co-founder and executive of Eviation,” Spragg said.

Eviation was founded in Israel in 2015, and Singapore-based Clermont Group acquired a 70 percent stake in the company in 2019. Clermont also holds a majority stake in MagniX, an electric propulsion company that is headquartered in Everett, Wash., and is supplying motors for Eviation’s Alice.

Update for 1:10 p.m. PT Feb. 14: In a tweet, Bar-Yohay said he’s stepping down from the CEO post after a “longstanding disagreement” with Eviation’s main shareholder:

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