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Electrical aviation pioneer Roei Ganzarski plots a brand new course as CEO at Alitheon digital ID enterprise

Roei Ganzarski discusses electric aviation during a 2019 meetup in Seattle. (GeekWire Photo / Alan Boyle)

Less than a month after announcing his departure from leadership roles at two electric aviation companies, Roei Ganzarski is embarking on a totally different kind of tech adventure. He’s just been named president and CEO of Alitheon, a Bellevue, Wash.-based venture that focuses on digital fingerprinting for physical products.

Ganzarski previously served as the CEO of MagniX, an electric propulsion company based in Everett, Wash., as well as the executive chairman of Eviation Aircraft, which is currently testing its all-electric, middle-mile aircraft in Arlington, Wash. Both of those companies are owned by Singapore-based Clermont Group.

Alitheon was founded in 2016 and reported progress on its latest $5 million equity offering in December. Its key technology is FeaturePrint, a method that uses images captured by off-the-shelf cameras or mobile phones to create and manage unique identifiers for physical objects.

FeaturePrint is designed to distinguish between authentic items and counterfeits, based on minute characteristics of the items that can’t be faked.

“Assuring product authenticity and provenance is a global problem that is incredibly pervasive, from company supply chains, to government entities, to individual consumers, and causes tremendous financial, brand, and in many cases physical harm,” Ganzarski said today in a news release. “Alitheon’s disruptive technology is like nothing I have seen before, and is truly cutting-edge. It is the missing link between the physical and digital worlds. I’m extremely excited at the opportunity to lead this team and take the company forward.”

Before taking up his roles at MagniX and Eviation, Ganzarski was CEO of BoldIQ, a Bellevue-based global optimization software provider. And before that, he spent more than a decade with the Boeing family of companies.

Brian Crowley, who has been Alitheon’s interim president and CEO since 2020, is now the company’s chief operating officer.

Correction for 1:18 p.m. PT Feb. 2: We’ve corrected the spelling of Ganzarski’s first name in the headline. It’s Roei, not “Roel.”

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